We here at Wakanicci (wa-ka-nee-chee) understand the importance of bathrobes. For us, putting on a bathrobe is a cue. It’s a cue for our bodies and minds to take a break from the everyday chaos of life. Sometimes it’s a cue to reflect, sometimes it’s a cue to read a book to our kids, and sometimes it’s a cue to take a nap under the dining room table because those same kids refuse to sleep in their own bed.

      Whatever it may be, slipping into a robe helps us to focus less on the material and more on the essential. To do less and BE more.

      The problem, however, is that most robes are unisex and poorly designed for a man’s body. So we decided to change that.

      With a shared appreciation of a robe’s power and a gap in the market, three best friends from three different industries, formed Wakanicci with one goal: to design the perfect bathrobe. We tried on every bathrobe we could find. We studied them, deconstructed them, and loitered in them. When a security officer escorted us out of a department store for wearing robes we hadn’t bought, we knew that our research was complete. We spent the next year designing a men’s bathrobe from the ground up, giving this forgotten essential a long overdue upgrade.

      The Perfect Bathrobe is made of an impossibly soft, 100% cotton terry that’s temperature regulating and absorbent. It has a natural odor resisting treatment that keeps you comfortable, dry and smelling fresh all day. It features an elegant waffle exterior with a masculine cut and a proprietary adjustable strap technology that keeps the robe secure while fitting any body type. And the sleeves are the perfect length so you can cook breakfast for your family without getting pancake batter on your cuffs.

      This is a luxury robe, made with first rate materials, details, and build quality. But the power of this robe is less about its design, and more about how it can make you feel. How it can help you be a little more present, grounded, and at peace when you’re home. That’s what it does for us. We’d love it if it does that for you too.



David, Max, and David